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Additional Meetings on Periphery of SCAR2024

In addition to the events held during the SCAR meetings, partners might take the opportunity to meet on the periphery of the OSC.

These meetings are listed below.

Please note that these events are organised independently. The opinions expressed within these meetings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SCAR or imply endorsement by SCAR.

Understanding Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic coastal ecosystems - 17th August

Date & Time: Saturday, 17th August, 09:00-18:00

Convenors: Humberto González, UACh-IDEAL, Bernd Krock, AWI-SubCob, Kerstin Jerosch, AWI-CoastCarb, Andrea Piñones, UACh-CoastCarb

Our intention is to foster a multi-disciplinary dialogue that merges genetic research, ecological investigations, and oceanography to decipher the complexity of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic coastal ecosystems. With this session the IDEAL center, SubCob and CoastCarb community encourage contributions that span a broad scope of observation and modeling studies, encompassing genetic adaptations of organisms to extreme conditions, interactions among species, biogeochemical cycles, and the impact of environmental changes on these vulnerable ecosystems.

The session will include talks that delve into diverse aspects of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic coastal observations and modeling. This includes studies on genetic diversity, species distributions, trophic dynamics, blue carbon, and the role of climate-driven variations on ecosystem structures. Collaboration will be key, as we plan to use this session as a platform for productive discussions and ideas exchange. By integrating cutting-edge research findings and collaborative insights, we hope to contribute to a more holistic comprehension of high-latitude coastal ecosystems and foster strategies for their preservation.

Uniting waters: Antarctic peninsula MPA inspiring peaceful cooperation - 18 August

The event aims to inspire new actions and collaboration towards Antarctica’s conservation and sustainable management. Contribute to D1MPA proposal consensus.

  • Invitees: SCAR participants and High-Level Representatives of Chilean Government (approx. 150 PAX). No special registration needed (just attendee badge). First in– first serve.
  • Date & time: Sunday, 18th August, 7:00PM
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Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Universidad de La Frontera
  • Universidad Católica de Temuco
  • Universidad de Chile
  • Universidad de Magallanes
  • Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad de Concepción
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Instituto Milenio Base
  • Congreso Futuro
  • Municipalidad de Pucón
  • Municipalidad de Villarrica
  • Gobierno Regional de La Araucanía
  • Corporación Desarrollo Araucanía
  • Servicio Nacional de Turismo Región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena
  • Servicio Nacional de Turismo Región de La Araucanía
  • Corporación de Turismo de Pucón